Chances are you’ve heard of the term ‘sports betting’ before! Better yet, there’s a high probability that you’ve had an encounter with a bookmaker – another word for a sports betting shop! There’s also a high probability that the bookmaker that you’ve interacted with has a fully fledged online platform, which also constitutes of an online casino.

The betting shops and online platforms enable their members to take the excitement of the land based betting shops online and wager on different sporting events. These sporting events include football, horse races, tennis, baseball and even The Duleep and Deodhar Trophy competitions.

However, when you take a closer look at these two forms of gambling that the majority of people are accustomed to, – online casino gaming and sports betting – you’ll realize that there are a whole lot of other differences in between.

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Online casino gaming is a rather special form of betting. This is because the majority of the casino game results are greatly dependant on luck, with only a handful of game requiring strategic thinking. On the other hand, sports betting involves analyzing a gamut of aspects that have the capacity to influence the final outcome.

On this page, we are going to discuss all these aspects that influence the outcome of sports bets as well as all other useful information that we believe is important to help you have an easy time placing a bet. And while we do this, our main focus is going to be on online sports betting platforms, otherwise known as online sportsbooks or bookies.

Sports Betting Through History

Even though there’s very little known accurate information explaining the origins of sports betting, the available evidence seems to point is back to ancient Rome. During the supremacy of renowned Julius Caesar, gambling was widespread in the Roman Empire. Its citizens used to bet on the outcome of circus performances or chariot races. Since these two and other forms of gambling used to play a very huge role in contributing the taxes of the empire, some of the illegal and notorious activities that should have been punished were given a blind eye.

Fast forward to the early 90s, a few centuries later, sports betting had become a separate free-standing activity. It has become a very rampant form of passing time, while making money in the process. As a result, it has grown significantly throughout the world, including in India.

Modern Day India Sports Betting

Ever since the modern day sports betting started gaining traction and popularity among players, it has been a thriving branch of the industry. And in 2020, players from almost every country – including India – can place one form of bet or another. This is not only done at the land based betting shops, but bettors can also flutter – if they so wish – through the internet.

Online sports betting has received an unprecedented success thanks to the expansion of the internet. Overall, the large network of online gambling includes several brands offering the service. And while there are those that exclusively offer sports betting services, others have included online casino services in a bid to offer an all inclusive gambling experience.

In the early days of sports betting, traders were tasked with the responsibility of the mathematics and algorithms were used for calculating the payouts and odds.

However, with the internet and technology, sportsbooks are the ones charges with decision making. They are the ones that set the payout rates and accept bets. As a result of this, the industry has become very competitive, with each sportsbook trying to be the ‘best possible bookmaker online’ that offers the ‘highest odds possible’.

And in order to stand out more, other online bookmakers have been shifting their attention to website presentations, special features, and bonuses. These, as the platforms have discovered, will draw more customers to their sites in the long run.


India Sports Betting from the Legal Point of View

Arguably one of the most controversial gambling markets in the world is that of India – so central to the worldwide technology revolution, and occasionally regarded as the hotbed of technology revolution. Yet, in India, any form of gambling – including its online form – remains a heavily restricted pastime. Operators already in the market and those looking to break into the market are severely restricted by the harsh laws, which are OUTDATED.

So, what exactly is the position in India in relations to online sports betting and how does this position affect you and the operators? Here’s a quick breakdown!

Online Sports Betting Regulation – Is It Legal?

India primarily focuses on the Public Gambling Act of 1867, which was formulated when India was still a British colony. This act was later edited in 1976 during the Public Gambling Act of 1976, which sought to address different forms of gambling in the country. However, in 1996, the Supreme Court of India rules that it was legal for horse race betting. The court argued that horse race betting was a skill-based activity rather than based on luck. As such, it became legal to bet on horse racing in India besides the state of Maharashtra.

For the better part of the 21st century, online sports betting has managed to avoid Indian regulation almost entirely as there’s no specific law touching on it. However, the Information Technology Act of 2000 bans publication of material online that can ‘corrupt’ Indian citizens. This includes any information pertaining online gambling.

Nonetheless, Indian bettors can go ahead and enjoy the services of offshore online sportsbooks as there’s no law specifically preventing Indian bettors from betting. This, therefore implies that you can enjoy the services offered by the bookmakers recommended in this page.

Betting Online – A Beginners Guide

How do you go about betting online? Here’s a step by step procedure.

  • Step #1: Identify the online sportsbook that you’d like to visit. There are several brands that you can pick from, so it’s up to you to pick one that meets your betting preferences
  • Step #2: Once you are satisfied with the selection, create an account by clicking on the ‘Sign up’, ‘Join’ or ‘Create Account’ button. Whichever option that’s displayed on the site. While creating your account, ensure that all the information provided is up to date and accurate for the purpose of account verification
  • Step #3: Once you have your account up and running, complete the verification process. This involves sending the sportsbook a copy of your government issued ID (for age verification purposes) and a copy of a utility bill that dates back not more than three months
  • Step #4: Make your deposit by clicking on either the ‘banking’ page or the ‘Deposit’ button. This will reveal a wide list of options available for you to use.
  • Step #5: Once you’ve made your deposit, you are ready to start betting. Pick your selected markets or options – which will automatically be added to your bet slip. Hit ‘Place Bet’ button to confirm your selection and keep your fingers crossed as you wait for the results!

Understanding the Virtual World of Sports Betting

Drawing inspiration from online slots and sports betting, virtual sports betting invites the best of these two worlds and displays how exciting it can be when they combine in gambling. This virtual form of sports betting takes place for about 3 minutes, during which you are expected to predict the most likely outcome of the game. This outcome is usually determined by software.

To ensure that bettors have a wide variety of options to pick from, virtual sports betting includes a wide variety of sports. This includes football, tennis, basketball, horse racing and grey hound racing. Since it’s a new way of betting, popular sports betting events such as ice hockey and cricket are yet to be included. Nonetheless, the available options are suffice to ensure that you are spoilt for choice.

How does virtual sports betting work?

The significant advantage offered by virtual sports betting is the fact that you can lose or win cash fast. Instead of confining yourself to the strict sportsbook schedules, betting through virtual sports betting lets you wager as free as you wish. Be it in the middle of the night, while on traffic or when you are on your lunch break, you can place a bet and get your outcome within a few minutes.

Besides the fact that the events end within three minutes or less, every other aspect of virtual sports betting follows the same procedure as the typical sports betting.

Once you’ve clicked on the virtual sports betting button, there’s a list of sporting events to pick from. Select your preferred sports event, pick your market, enter the amount you’d like to wager and confirm your selection to place the bet.

Why is Virtual Sports Betting Very Popular among Indian Bettors?

Online casinos and virtual sports betting have several features in common, but one stands out the most. They all depend on luck instead of skill to determine the outcome of the game. And as we’ve already stated, their outcomes are revealed just after a few minutes of betting. This makes it an easy sport to bet on.

Furthermore, you can place your bet before the start of the event or during the course of the event. If you are a roulette or video slot fanatic, you’ll appreciate the spike in adrenaline rush, which lasts a few more minutes than the few seconds experienced on the roulette or slots game.

Are Virtual Bets Fixed?

A fixed bet is one where the game’s outcomes are known in advance. But virtual bets aren’t fixed as the sportsbook has no advantage whatsoever in favouring itself. How is this possible? While they do have an edge on each sporting event and service offered, the results of virtual bets are determined by a software known as the random number generator (RNG software).

The RNG software works in a unique way. It randomly generates millions of results per second. Each one of these outcomes coincides with the game’s results, which is picked randomly. To ensure that the games results remain accurate at all times, licensed and legitimate sportsbooks constantly invite third party auditing bodies to audit the functionality of the RNG software.

Can You Win Virtual Bets?

Yes, it’s possible to win virtual bets. With a proper bankroll management plan, knowing how to evaluate value in odds and a little bit of luck, it’s possible to win virtual bets.

Be Wary of the High Addiction Risk Associated With Virtual Sports Betting!

Behind the ease of placing bets, which are quickly settled, players are subject to high chances of addiction! It’s therefore important that you make full use of the responsible gambling features offered by the sportsbook to avoid any risk of addiction.

What Are Indians Betting On Right Now?

Thanks to it being completely legal, fluttering on local horse racing happens to be one of the most popular forms of betting among Indians. At the time of writing this Indian sports betting guide, you can only wager on local racing events, but you can also place your bet on overseas races at the offshore sportsbooks.

Although there’s no sporting event that has been officially declared as India’s national sport, it’s widely presumed that it was field hockey, at least until the government explicitly denied it. The denial may attributed to the fact that hockey has been on a rapid decline since the country won the first ever Hockey Wold Cup in 1975 and several Olympic gold medals. So bad is the progress that the India Men’s Hockey team was ranked last in their pool at the 2012 Olympic Games.

Cricket Betting

If a country’s national sports was picked based on the popularity, then it cricket would automatically be India’s national sports. With strong roots dating as back as the days of the British Empire, cricket is viewed by many as India’s national identity.

Justifiably then, cricket sports betting happens to be the most popular form of online sports betting among Indians. Interests in wagering on cricket always climaxes during international tournaments (such as the ICC and Cricket World Cup competitions) as well as in other games, particularly when playing against long-term rivals Pakistan.

However, as we’ve stated, land sports and online betting in India are hugely restricted, which means that residents look at online sportsbooks such as ComeOn! Betway and Dafabet to place their bets. Additionally, there are other sports that people bet on and they include:

  • Football
  • Basketball
  • Tennis
  • Ice Hockey
  • Darts
  • Formula 1
  • Horse Racing
  • eSports

Sports Betting Markets

In sports betting, a market refers to a specific category or type of bet that you wager on a given event. Online bookmakers typically offer you multiple betting markets (sometimes in their hundreds) on every sporting event. This means that you could choose to focus on a specific type of betting or combine a mixture of betting to ensure your odds are boosted. Yet, despite this huge variation, the following markets are common across all sports.

  • Over/Under: Focuses more on the total number of goals, points, cards, runs, corners, legs or rounds that will be achieved in the event
  • Win/Draw: It is what it sounds like; when you pick a win, you are betting on one side to win the event. If you think the event will end as a draw, you pick the draw option. However, sports such as basketball and tennis don’t have the draw option for the obvious reason – there always has to be a winner at the end of the event.
  • Double Chance: This option allows you to cover two of the possible three outcomes in an event. For instance, in a match between Arsenal vs Manchester United, you can place a double chance bet on Arsenal at home. This means that if the game ends as a draw, your bet is a winner. If Arsenal win the match, your bet is still a winner. However, if Manchester wins the match, you lose your bet.
  • Draw No Bet: This market eliminates the option of a draw from your bet and enables you to wager on either an away or home win. It is very popular in Cricket, Tennis or Basketball betting.

Types of Sports Betting

If you are new to online sports betting, the range of sports betting opportunities can be a minefield. However, once you start going through the different types of sports bets, you’ll realize that there’s no one type that’s better than the other! Instead, they’ve all been simply put in place to cater to punters with different betting skills and tastes.

For example, betting exchanges are good for bettors who are pessimists i.e., those who prefer viewing things from a negative point of view, especially when it comes to horse racing, tennis, cricket and basketball. For these sporting events, they would ‘lay’ the team or side that they are sure will be beaten. There are those who prefer betting on sports such as rugby or basketball where it all about points and therefore, spread betting is their way of fluttering.

In this section, we are going to look at some of the most common types of sports betting that you’ll come across online. From the traditional form of betting and spread betting to the more modern way of in-play and matched betting, we seek to help you better understand the choices that are at your disposal.

  • Pre-match Betting: This is what is sounds like – betting before the start of an event. It could be a few minutes to the bet, a few days to the event or even weeks to the event. However, some players confuse season long bets with pre-match bets.

If you are betting, for example, on Liverpool to win the 2020/2021 league before the start of the competition, then this ceases to be a pre-match bet but rather a different form of betting, referred to as Futures Betting.

  • In-play Betting: Also referred to as live betting, this form of betting is very popular with most of the Indian sports bettors. It lets you place a bet on an event once it has gone ‘live’ or it has begun
  • Spread Betting: This is somewhat similar to the over/under betting market as you are required to predict how many points/goals, yellow/red cards, corners/free kicks, or other variables that will be issued in the match. Your bet will then be determined depending on how many points you’ve missed or achieved your target with.
  • Matched Betting: The concept behind matched betting is simple, you sign up at the sportsbook, take full advantage of the free money and other offers to make a profit. How do you do this? At betting exchanges such as Betfair, you’ll place your normal bet and ‘lay’ (bet against) your selection. When you lay the correct amount required, you are assured of a profit regardless of the outcome of event.

Sports Betting Odds and Probabilities

This is the most important part in sports betting! This is why in this guide, you should pay close attention to if you really want to make a profit! We are going to analyze sports betting odds and probabilities in detail, providing you all the information that we believe is necessary to enable you fully understand odds in sports betting.

Definition Of Betting Odds And Probabilities

In sports betting, odds refer to a combination of the probability around an event i.e., how likely the sporting event will come to pass and the potential winnings expected from it.

For the new players, the numbers and calculations associated with odds may come out as complex and intimidating at first. However, after a clear explanation and reasonable awareness, you’ll be able to appreciate the simplicity and inherent logic associated with odds.

At its core, sports betting gives you the opportunity to predict the outcome an event. For example, let’s take a look at an event referred to as ‘rolling dice’. It has a given number of outcomes – six to be precise. For every single result of the dice, rolling a ‘six’, ‘five’, ’four’, ’three’, ’two’ or a ‘one’, there’s a 16.67% probability that it will come to pass.

Betting odds are therefore a representation of the chances of a given event that it will happen. In online sports betting, they are represented as a decimal or fraction as discussed below.

How do you Convert Odds to Probability?

As long as you are presented with the odds, you can easily and correctly calculate the probability that the event will occur. For instance, if the odds take the format of A/B, then the probability is calculated as.

Probability (indicated by P in %) = B/(A+B)

Below are some examples showing how you can check for the probability of the odds indicated.

  • 4/1 is calculated as P = 1/(4+1) = 0.20. This means there’s a 20% probability of the event occurring
  • 1/5 is calculated as P = 5/(1+5) = 0.83333. This means there’s a 83% probability of the event occurring
  • 1/1 is calculated as P = 1/(1+1) = 0.50. This implies there’s a 50% probability of the event occurring

Types of Odds

Regardless of the sportsbook you choose to use when betting, there are two main types of odds that you’ll come across. They include:

  • Fractional Odds
  • Decimal Odds

Fractional Odds

Also commonly referred to the UK odds, fractional odds are frequently used in Ireland and the United Kingdom. Initially used in horse racing, fractional odds happen to be the oldest forms of odds for bettors. In the UK, they are very common in all the high street bookmakers plastered all over their walls as they advertise some of the upcoming betting events.

In India, there’s a section of bettors who prefer using this form of odds as they are extremely easy to calculate, mostly because they are easy to calculate and interpret.

Fractional odds are usually represented as A/B – where A and B are real numbers. For the conventional fractional odds, the first number (A) indicates how much you’ll win from your bet, while the second number (B) indicates how much you should wager to win the expected return.

For example:

Fractional Odds Interpretation
3/1 Place a bet of ₹1 to get a return of ₹4 (₹3 winnings + ₹1 original stake)
4/1 Place a bet of ₹1 to get a return of ₹5 (₹4 winnings + ₹1 original stake)
10/2 Place a bet of ₹2 to get a return of ₹12 (₹10 winnings + ₹2 original stake)

Decimal Odds

Outside of the UK, decimal odds are very common and widely used because of the easy and straightforward calculations of winnings and the addition of the returned stake in the calculation of payouts. This is illustrated in the equation below:

Winnings = (Stake×Odds) – Stake

Here are a few examples to illustrate the equation above:

  • The winnings resulting from odds of 5.0 with a stake of ₹20 is calculated as follows

(₹20×5)- ₹20=₹80

  • The winnings resulting from odds of 2.5 with a stake of ₹20 is calculated as follows

(₹20×2.5)- ₹20=₹30

The Relativity of Bookmakers’ Rules

Rules that guide how the odds should be set at the sportsbooks are less strict nowadays. As a result, online sportsbooks have the flexibility to alter them in ways that they find them suitable. A good example is as follows:

There are two teams, who, while they have equal odds in the sporting event, don’t have equal winning chances, nor would betting on them offer you equal payouts.

If you are new to sports betting, this may sound a little bit confusing. However, we are going to elaborate further on what we mean by this in the sections that follow.

True Odds

Depending on the format that the bookie uses to calculate the odds, in an even sporting event, the odds of each team winning are about 1.85 or 10/11. These are referred to as true odds, which will never be offered by any bookie.

The reason for this is simple: regardless of any outcome, you are bound to win, a factor that deprives the bookie an opportunity to make a profit. Consequently, they take a percentage cut, which exceeds 100%. This is usually referred to as ‘vigorish’, which is the bookmaker’s dividend on a losing bet.

Shifting Odds

Bookies use the shifting odds strategy when the majority of bettors are placing their bets on tails instead of heads. They’ll enhance the odds for heads and decrease them for tails, which is how they encourage you to bet on heads. Consequently, they lower the risk and increase their profit. 

Taking the Last Chance

There’s a term that’s referred to as ‘betting on a moving line’. This is a term that refers to placing your bet just before the start of an event. Occasionally, you can even have the opportunity to bet just after the event has started. This is referred to as live or in-play betting.

Betting Sites In India – So Where Exactly Can You Bet Safely And Securely?

If you are ready to place your first bet, there are hundreds of offshore sportsbooks which you can pick from. However, given that most of them offer services that are almost similar, it can be a little confusing to some of the new players. To help you pick a platform, we’ve highlighted some of our favourite brands below – stating why each one of them stands out.


At ComeOn!, you will not only come across a wide variety of slots, table games and state of the art live casino platform, but there’s also a separate section for fans of sports betting. This platform offers a wide range of betting options, markets and lucrative odds.

Speaking of betting odds, as one of the most experienced and well-established gambling brands in the industry, ComeOn! Sports offers you odds that are in the middle range category. They are somewhat lower when you compare them to other sportsbooks such as Betway and Bet365. Nonetheless, they are still competitive and offer you great value.

If you’d like to get top odds, then you are better of trying your luck in football and cricket betting, but mostly football betting.


Betway is considered as one of the founding fathers of ONLINE MOBILE SPORTS BETTING. Founded in 2006, when the mobile technology was quickly taking foot across the industry, the company has grown to become one of the largest in the world. The brand has put together a sports betting platform for punters, in which all the six continents are well represented.

Fans of football and cricket betting will get their money’s worth at the site. It covers all the top leagues across the world as well as extending to the 5th league level in some countries. And like ComeOn! Sports, Betway has nice betting odds to accompany these events.

It’s also worth mentioning that Betway is one of the few sportsbooks to offer a comprehensive eSports and political betting. 

Royal Panda

Despite its relatively new status in the industry, the sportsbook Royal Panda is one that you can count on if you are looking forward to having a royal good time betting online. The online casino was first founded in September 2013, which provided the necessary fan base for the sportsbook, which was launched in the summer of 2017. Despite its new status, the sportsbook offers a diversified range of services.

One of the outstanding features in our reviews was the remarkable diverse range of markets on offer. While the majority of the sportsbooks founded in 2017 offer a range of 80-120 sports markets, Royal Panda has more than 150 betting markets on the majority of its popular sporting events. For the lesser known events, there are up to 40 markets to pick from.

The main sporting events at Royal Panda include basketball, tennis, cricket, football and ice hockey. While reviewing Royal Panda, we also discovered a number of offers in the areas of horse racing and cricket betting.


If you are new to sports betting, there’s no doubt that you’ll sooner or later come across the name Bet365. This is a bookmaker with a long traditional history of offering top notch sports betting services in the industry and is reputable – for all the right reasons. It is a platform with the zeal to always stay ahead of its competitors – just like a high performance athlete who not only want to win the sprint, but the race as well. 

This is evident in several aspects of the bookmaker. For instance, it was the first in the industry to introduce in-play betting feature. It also championed the partial and auto-cash out feature. And right now, it has tiny details in the bet slip that shows you how the events that you’ve wagered on are going on.

Far from being a pioneer in different areas, the sportsbook is also keen to stay relevant. As such, it does offer plenty of markets for all its sports betting events. Football remains its area of focus though Indian bettors can also benefit from cricket, horse racing, hockey and other sporting events that are popular in the country.


22bet is a primary sports betting site, though it does offer a standard online casino that also features a live casino we well. The platform is owned and operated by Marikit Holdings and despite being launched only recently, the site commands a huge player base of more than 2 million active users per day.

At 22bet, football evidently takes the first position in terms of scope and offer. A closer look at the site and you’ll appreciate the depth of the leagues on offers and that doesn’t just apply to the top leagues in Europe or other parts of the world. Indian bettors can as well bet on their favourite local teams, located in the ISL and I Leagues.

Far from sports betting, 22bet does offer you a pretty juicy welcome bonus, which is accompanied by plenty of other promotions. These bonuses and promotions are accompanied by very friendly terms and conditions, which even the casual players can easily satisfy.


10Cric belongs to a well established group of online gambling companies that offer both online casino and sports betting services. Its operating company is ZapZap Marketing Limited and licensed by the government of Curacao. Being licensed and operated by such a reputable brand means that Indian bettors can access the services of 10Cric knowing that their personal and financial information are safe at all times.

As we were reviewing 10Cric, we discovered that the site is Indian friendly and has customized some of its services – such as payment options and language – to suit the ordinary Indian bettor.

From the name of the sportsbook, you can already tell that the focus of 10Cric is on cricket betting. Other sporting events that have a high density include football, tennis, basketball, horse racing and handball. A total of 32 sporting events are available at the site, which also includes eSports betting.


It’s no secret that LeoVegas are the king of mobile gambling. Furthermore, there’s no denying the fact that their casino offering is one of the best in the industry. With the unprecedented success that the online casino has received, the brand also decided to venture into the world of sports betting – an area that they are also thriving very well.

LeoVegas India focuses on a wide variety of sports events to ensure that everyone’s betting needs are catered for. Cricket, football, hockey, horse racing and tennis – all of which are very popular sports in India – clearly dominate the list. Fans of other sporting events are also assured of getting their money’s worth at the site.

Features of a Legitimate Online Betting Platform

With more than 500 online sports betting brands out there, getting the best possible service is very important. There are several online casinos that are very secure and have a good reputation in the industry. At the same time, there are also sites that are known for taking advantage of people. These sites will not only involve in phishing activities, but they’ll also chances that they’ll also deny paying out your winnings.

To help you get started, we have put together some of the important points that you need to consider when picking a legitimate online betting site.

  • The quality of live streams should be top class. It shouldn’t lag, drag or have interference, especially if you are streaming using a stable internet connection
  • The in-play feature should include a wide variety of markets, have decent odds and most importantly, be very responsive
  • Bonuses and promotions are an important aspect of online sports betting. Therefore, in addition to offering a juicy welcome bonus, the betting site should offer other unique promotions
  • The in-play betting feature is just one of the many features that a site should offer. Other additional features that should be included are the cash-out feature, last minute bets, build your bet, among others. The site should make it very easy for you to use the features
  • Licensing is an integral part of the online gambling industry. As such, the brand should hold a license issued by one of the most prestigious licensing bodies in the industry
  • The reputation of the brand should precede it. And this stellar reputation should be well depicted on the brands website
  • Clearly defined terms and conditions. It should state how they use the information collected, as well as have well defined bonus and promotions terms
  • Last but not least, it should also have a fully optimized mobile betting platform. This will add the element of convenience and portability when betting

Why Should You Bet Online? – Advantages of Betting Online

The ease of operating an online casino as opposed to setting up a physical shop has lead to the setting up of so many sites, where you can bet in. It has also led to the signing up of so many bettors online, who aim at reaping the benefits of these online sportsbooks.

In this section, we take you through all the popular reasons why most bettors are flocking to bet online instead of picking the land based betting shops.


Betting at the online sportsbooks offers you all the comfort and freedom that you wouldn’t have otherwise experienced with the brick and mortar shops. Thanks to online sportsbooks, you can now bet from anywhere – at home when eating, on your way to work or at the office as you take a break from work. As long as you have a mobile device and internet connectivity, you are set to go.

Absolutely Secure and Safe

Sports betting platforms are absolutely safe and secure. You can rest assured that all your personal and financial information is safe at all times as you place your bets.

To ensure that you are safe, these bookmakers use state of the art 128 bit SSL encryption. They are also required to operate under a set of laws dictated by the online licensing body, which includes offering a completely safe and secure gaming experience.

Varied bet Sizes

The operation cost for all the online sportsbooks is relatively low when compared to their physical land based counterparts. The result of this is better odds margins as compared to the land based betting sites. Furthermore, the payouts are lucrative as compared to the online bookies.

Sports Betting Bonuses and Promotions – How to bet For Free Online!

The other significant advantage of betting online is that you have the opportunity of being awarded with bonuses and promotions. Even though the brick and mortar betting shop will award you with a handful of special bets, you’ll always appreciate the free bets EXCLUSIVE to online sportsbooks. The most common types of free bets come in the following formats:

  • A welcome bonus, which is meant to welcome you to the site. You can always redeem this bonus money after meeting the wagering requirement
  • Mobile bet bonus is commonly offered to encourage you to place your bets through the bookmakers mobile platform
  • Free Bets they are what they sound like – free bets. Usually, online sportsbooks will award you with free bets in form of free cash, which you can use to bet and win real money. For instance, ComeOn! Sportsbook can offer you a free in-play bet during a Champions League match between Liverpool and Atletico Madrid. To qualify for the free bet, you have to wager a ₹20 pre-match bet and in return, they’ll give you a similar amount to bet for free during in-play

Does My Bet Qualify For A Free Bet?

If the odds in your selection are less than 1.5 (1/2 in odds), your bet doesn’t qualify for a free bet. The best way to test if the free bet qualifies for a free bet is checking the potential payout for a ₹1 stake. If your potential payout is equal or more than ₹1.50, then your bet automatically qualifies for the free bet. Let’s take a quick look at the examples below.

Odds Potential Return For ₹1 Stake Does Your Bet Qualify For a Free Bet
3/1 (4.00) ₹4 Yes
9/1 (10.00) ₹10 Yes
7/2 (4.50) ₹4.50 Yes
6/4 (2.50) ₹2.50 Yes
1/100 (1.01) ₹1.01 No
4/11 (1.36) ₹1.36 No
2/5 (1.40) ₹1.40 No


One of the features that makes sports betting a never tiring adventure is the fact that there’s a wide variation of sports to pick from. This makes sports betting a thrilling venture, right down to the last second.

ComeOn!, Bet365, 10Cric and other sports betting sites listed above offers you wagering opportunities for a range of tournaments, sports events and championships from across the world. Whether your interest lies in football, cricket, tennis, hockey or even the new sport – eSports, you’ll definitely find an option that strikes your fantasy. You can visit any of these sites, create an account for free and start betting within no time! 

There have been calls in India to enact the internet gambling rules, but it has not been done yet. Even if online gambling is legal in your country, you should ensure that you do not become overly dependent and addicted to it. If you gamble responsibly, then sports betting can be one of the most interesting ways to relax and have fun.