There are several reasons why online slot games are popular. However, the most notable ones are the fact that they are fun, entertaining, engaging and most importantly – REWARDING! You can easily indulge your fantasies as you land some lucrative wins through the spin of the slot’s reels.


With the advancement of technology in the past decade, you can now play several types of slots. These slots range from the old-fashioned 3-reel classics to the technologically-innovative 5 reel online 3D slots.

Every online slot game that you play at the online casino has its own theme, animations, graphics, features and other elements. You can opt to play a simple spin-and-win slot that has few basic paylines and a few other in-game options. Alternatively, you can opt to play a game that has special effects and elements.

Yet, despite the game you choose to play, the objective remains the same – land at least three matching symbols on an active payline. Of course the more you land these symbols, the more you stand a chance of winning.

But what are the chances of landing these symbols? Are slots rigged to favour the casino at all times? Which are the different categories of slots that you can play online? And how do some of the in-game features affect your chances of winning at a slot game?

We are going to look at these burning questions on this page. Also, we’ll take a look at the legality of online slots gaming in India plus explore some of the few India friendly online casinos for you.

Online Slots In India

India online casinos are basically an extension of the brick and mortar casinos – online. With technology and the ever-increasing demand for casinos, there are several brands mushrooming in a bid to satisfy the demand.

Because of the number of online casino sites, the sheer simplicity of picking a reputable online casino and investing a small amount of cash in order to win has, in the recent past, been confusing even some of the most grizzled casino players.

If this is the first time playing online slots at a casino, you should – first and foremost – acquaint yourself with the most basic elements of picking an online casino. This should help you pick the most suitable site for yourself. If you are not sure about the areas to look at, you can read the points below.

  • Bonuses and promotions – look at the variety, how frequent the promotions are updated and most importantly, the terms and conditions of the offers
  • Game selection – bet limits, game RTPs, variety and software developers are some of the factors to consider here
  • Mobile and PC compatibility
  • Ease of use and navigation
  • Customer support services – consider the available customer support channels and the level of professionalism under this
  • Available payment and withdrawal options. Under this, you should also look at the limits, processing time and whether there are any hidden fees for the transactions

These are just some of the few pointers that you need to consider when choosing an online casino. If you are not sure where to start from, we’ve included a few India friendly online casinos for you to consider.

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The Legal Landscape of Online Slots In India

Both forms of gambling – land-based and online – across India are very restricted. Horse racing and lotteries are the only two areas that enjoy full-blown legality. However, the states of Sikkim and Goa have more relaxed policies allowing casino services in their areas. As such, you’ll find several land-based casinos operating in these two regions.

For the better part of the early 21st century, online casino and sports betting services managed to avoid any form of Indian regulation as there was no law that deemed these activities illegal. The only law that seems to touch slightly on online gambling. The Information Technology Act 2000 forbids the publication of any sort of information online, which can ‘corrupt’ the Indian residents. Such includes online gambling information. This, however, doesn’t make any form of online gambling illegal.

The Federal Information Technology Act for 2011 was also passed with the intention of restricting online gambling activities in India. It does this by holding the key players in the internet providing services accountable for ensuring that offshore (foreign) online gambling services aren’t accessible in India. However, the law doesn’t prohibit you from accessing the services of online gambling brands such as Dafabet, ComeOn!, Betway or 10Cric. These brands either openly support rupee as a currency or have alternative payment providers such as Skrill, ecoPayz and Neteller.

What Are Online Slots?

Slots go by different names across the world. In Australia and New Zealand, they are referred to as pokies. In the UK, they are commonly referred to as fruities or fruit machines. And in India, they go by the name slots.

Regardless of how you’d like to call a slot game, these awesome spinners enable you to stake some money in exchange for game time and possible rewards. We say possible rewards because it’s not a guarantee that you’ll win with each spin of the reel(s).

The traditional standard layout of a slot game is three reels with bars, fruits and 7 symbols. These games were played on a machine that had a lever, which you had to pull to get the reels spinning. Given the nature in which players lost their cash, these machines got the nickname ‘one-armed bandits’.

The classic ‘one-armed bandit’ slot machines were made famous by the hundreds of rows of Vegas machines, which were featured in travel booklets and various films. Millions of players flocked to spin the reels of the renowned slot machines of Vegas.

But that was back in the ’80s before the invention of technology!

Fast forward to 2020, technology has enabled software providers to replicate the same gaming experience of the casino floor and bring it straight to your mobile or PC. This has been done in an immersive, compact and safe manner. And Indian residents interested in spinning these games can do so from the comfort of their homes.

The newer releases offer more free spins, bonus games and feature special elements such as wilds, scatters, avalanche features, multipliers and more. And although they continue incorporating all these features, the basic operation of the game remains relatively simple.

To bring you up to speed on slots, we are going to cover everything that you need to know about them. From slots anatomy, how the games work, important in-game features and much more! Understanding this is crucial for you to have a rewarding gaming experience.

Online Slots Anatomy

This is an image I picked online. Is it possible someone gets one that covers all the features that I’ll list below?

  • Symbols: These cute critters are responsible for awarding you prize(s) as you play slots. Different symbols have different prizes as indicated in the paytable
  • Paytable: This button serves as your address for all the information regarding prizes, paylines, game rules and special in-game features
  • Paylines: These lines are usually indicated by the numbers appearing on the left and right side of the screen. It is here where win combinations are usually formed
  • Reels: They are the rows that hold the symbols. Each time you click on the spin button, they’ll start spinning. Originally, there were only 3 reels. However, with technology, there are 5 reels, and many more depending on the software provider
  • Bet Amount: This section usually indicated the total amount that you are about to wager
  • Select Lines: This button enables you to pick the number of paylines that you’d like to spin. As a rule of the thumb, the more the paylines activated, the higher your chances of winning
  • Select Coins: This button lets you increase or decrease the number of coins that you’d like to wager per spin
  • Bet Max: You don’t have to choose the number of lines and amount of coins to spend if you’d like to go for the highest possible limit. With the bet max button, you wager the maximum amount on the slot with a single touch of a button
  • Autoplay: It lets you play faster without having to hit on the spin button every time you want to play. It’s very important is you’d like to take a break from the game without interrupting your winning chances

Online Slots, How Do They Work?

Slots work in a simple and straightforward manner. For instance, you are playing a basic slot game with a 5×3 reel setup. This means that there are 3 symbols spinning on the 5 available reels. In total that there are 12 different symbols and you can wager on up to twenty (20) paylines. 

On the reels and paylines, you are supposed to pick the number of coins that you’d like to spend as well as the number of paylines you’d like to activate. Once you are satisfied with the bet parameters, you’ll hit the Spin button. From here, a Random Number Generator (RNG) will take over, splitting out a series of numbers, which will determine where each reel stops.

Once the reels stop, the game will look at what symbol was on each visible position on the reel and if each of these symbol(s) results in a win combination based on the number of paylines that you’d activated.

How Online Slots Don’t Work – Debunking The Myths!

There are several myths and theories that explain how slots work. Most of them are usually falsified. For instance:

  • Slot games don’t have a payoff cycle and it does not matter whether it has just paid off – every spin is totally random and independent of the outgoing spin
  • Online casinos don’t change payout settings between spins or different times of the day. As long as the online casino is legitimate, it should have games that have been audited by independent third-party auditing bodies such as eCOGRA. This ensures that the game’s results are fair always and the RNG software hasn’t been tampered with
  • Whether you run around the house three times clockwise and anticlockwise, wear your lucky socks or hide an ace in your sleeve before playing slots, the results of the game will remain to be the same – totally random and unpredictable. Sadly, lady luck isn’t a DJ and won’t be taking any requests!

Factors That Influence The Game’s Outcome & Your Chances Of Winning

While the slot’s results are totally random and unpredictable, there are several factors that influence the outcome of each spin. They include:

  • Overall number of reels that the game has
  • Number of symbols included in the game
  • The number of winning combinations the game has
  • The number of symbols that each game reel features
  • How frequently each symbol will appear on the reel

Understanding the Random Number Generator (RNG) Software

The Random Number Generator – abbreviated as RNG – is a software resulting from pre-written programs. This software ensures that all software-based casino games – including slots, card and table games – are fair to play. The RNG is a microprocessor fitted in all these games, which chooses a number from an almost infinite bracket starting from zeros to surprisingly billions.

The mathematical formula used to generate these numbers is fully processed by supercomputers. It generates hundreds of thousands of calculations per second in the process generating 100% unpredictable results for each spin you make.

The RNG Seed Number

Besides knowing the basic functioning of the RNG software, it’s important that you know about the ‘Seed Number’. It is known as the seed number because it is the starting number of each RNG. It is charged with the responsibility of producing new and random numbers limitlessly so that every time you click on the ‘Spin’ button you activate the RNG.

This means that the numbers appearing on the screen are generated in real-time, leaving no room for pre-written or pre-defined outcomes. However, when you pause to take a break, the computer continues generating numbers and presenting fresh results.

Is It Possible to Edit the RNG software to Favour the Online Casino?

Yes, it’s possible to edit or alter the RNG software. There are online casinos, mostlyin the past, which used to edit this software to favour them. However, with strict laws and regulations put in place, these online casinos have faded from the industry.

One important point to remember, whenever you are picking an online casino, always cross-check their RNG audit results with the said licensing or third-party auditing body.

RTP vs. House Edge vs. Volatility

In order to understand the difference between these three, let’s consider Play ‘n Go’s Book of Dead slot – a game that’s readily available at ComeOn! Casino. The game is usually considered to have a high volatility and a RTP of 96.2%.

What does this mean?


This is an acronym for Return To Player percentage. It refers to the theoretical expected return of a slot game after millions of spins. Therefore, if you are to stake ₹100 on Book of Dead slot, it means that you can expect to win ₹96.2 – theoretically. But this isn’t usually the case or a guarantee given that you have to spin the reels a few million times in order to get this expected return. However, this doesn’t mean that you can’t spin and win. With lady luck on your side, it’s possible for you to win big with only a few spins of the game’s reels.

House Edge

The house edge of a slot game is the inverse of the RTP of the slot. It is the advantage that the house has on every slot game that you play. Therefore, if you look at our game – Book of Dead – which has an RTP of 96.2%, it means that the house edge on this game is 3.8%.

Basically, a game that has a high house edge and high volatility isn’t favourable to play as it means that the chances of winning are slim.


Also known as the variance of a slot game, volatility simply refers to the combination of reward and risk of a slot. All the slot games that you’ll play online are provided with high, medium or low volatility. The main difference between these categories is the payout amount and frequency. It could be rare payouts but huge sums of cash or frequent payouts but small amounts.

  • High volatile slots are those that tend to pay out less often but when they do payout, the winnings are usually big. Book of Dead and Joker Pro slots are some of the popular high volatile slots that you can play at the casinos.
  • Low volatile slots are the opposite of the high volatile slots. These games tend to pay out frequently but the amount is usually small. The majority of the online casino slots fall under this category

Understanding the “Hit Frequency”

The ‘Hit Frequency’ is a term used to refer to the number of times that a slot game will spin before forming a win combination. This figure is usually expressed as a percentage.

In our outgoing example, a slot such asJoker Pro has a hit frequency of about 15%. This implies that this slot game will generate a winning combination in 3 out of 20 spins. This is one of the reasons why it is considered to be a highly volatile slot.

Like the RTP, the ‘Hit Frequency’ of a slot game varies from one title to another. And when you are picking a slot game, you shouldn’t only rely on this figure. Consider the RTP, volatility and your bankroll. By doing this, you could easily be on your way to picking a potentially rewarding game.

In-game Features

The classic 3 reel slot games with a single payline, melons, cherries and lemon symbols are still available. However, the ‘reel’ growth area has been in the 5 reel slot. These are games that incorporate HD graphics, sleek animations and exciting in-game features. In this section, we are going to look at some of the most common features that you’ll come across various online slots.

Wild Symbols

Wild symbols are the joker in slot games. They are symbols that can easily substitute for all the other symbols to form winning combinations. This rule, however, doesn’t affect most of the scatter symbols in the slot games.

Different online slots tend to have their unique rules guiding the wild symbols. For instance, there are wild symbols that only appear on a certain reel to complete a win.

How Do Wild Symbols Work?

It’s pretty simple and straightforward. Take a look at the example below. In order to form a winning combination, you have to land at least three similar symbols from the leftmost reel on an active payline.

In our case, there are only two spades symbols lying side by side. But the WILD symbol plays the role of a spade symbol and helps complete the win as shown. 

In some instances, the wild symbol is the highest paying symbol in the game. This means the more you land them on the reels, the higher your payouts.

Common Types of Wild Symbols

There are at least 10 types of wild symbols that we know of. However, those listed below are some of the most common ones.

  • Basic Wild Symbols: They complete wins by simply replacing other symbols on the reels. There are several bonus games triggered once these wilds appear on the reels
  • Multiplier Wild Symbols: This is yet another common wild symbol in slots. Basically, what it does it boost your win by the corresponding multiplier. If you have a x2 wild multiplier, your wins are doubled. A x3 multiplier ensures you get your wins multiplied thrice
  • Expanding Wild Symbols: When they appear on the reels, they expand from occupying a single spot/slot on the reel, to completely occupying the reel.
  • Spreading Wilds: They function almost similar to the expanding wilds. However, instead of occupying the entire reel, they’ll spread across the screen, consequently increasing your winning opportunity
  • Walking Wild symbols: Once they appear on the reels, they start ‘walking across the screen’ triggering winning combinations and re-spins until they vanish from the screen. You can try NetEnt’s Invisible Man and Wild Heist to see how these wild symbols function

Other types of wild symbols that you can come across as you play slots online include:

  • Sticky wild symbols. You can play NetEnt’s Butterfly Staxx slot to experience this type of wild symbol
  • Nudging or transferring wild symbols. You can play Thunderkicks’ Spectra slot to experience this type of wild symbol
  • Wild Overlays. They are most prominent in NetEnt’s branded slot, Guns N’ Roses.
  • Stacked wild symbols are evident in Microgaming’s popular Game of Thrones slot.

Wild Generation Feature

It’s a unique feature that we’ve only been able to see in NetEnt’s slot game, Finn and the Swirly Spin. There could be other games that have this feature but given the sheer number of slots available online, it can be difficult for us to mention all the games.

Here’s how the wild generation feature works. Every time a win is formed from a wild symbol, the slot game re-generates another wild to occupy the void left by the win combination.

Scatter Symbols

In the simplest definition, a scatter symbol(s) is a special symbol in online slots that play a role or two depending on the game that you are playing. In some games, scatter symbols trigger bonus rounds. However, in others, it might act as a multiplier or replace other symbols on the reels to form winning combinations.

Another common function for scatter symbols is when it acts as both the scatter and wild symbol. As a wild symbol, the scatter will replace all the other symbols on the reels to form win combinations. As a scatter symbol, it will activate extra in-game features. A good slot that features this type of scatter symbol is Play ‘n Go’s Book of Dead slot.

Why Are They Referred to as Scatters?

The scatter name didn’t just pop out of the blue. Unlike the wild symbols that have to appear on certain reels, scatter symbols can appear scattered anywhere on the reels to perform their duties.

So, for example, to trigger the free spins game in ELK Studio’s Ecuador Gold Slot, the scatter symbols don’t need to be lined up in any particular order on a bet line. However, they have to appear on an active payline in order to perform their function.

Normally, you need to land at least three scatter symbols anywhere on the reels in order to activate the bonus round. This could be the popular free spins game, a mini-game such as a jackpot bonus round, or a pick-me bonus round.

Do All Online Slots Feature Scatter Symbols?

The large majority of slot games that feature five reels during gameplay tend to have scatter symbols inserted in them. It is a standard bonus feature that we have all come to get accustomed to and feel odd when we don’t see them in the game.

However, not all the five reeled games tend to have this feature. For instance, if you take a look at NetEnt’s popular Starburst slot game, it lacks the scatter feature and consequently a bonus round. In order to make up for this, NetEnt have included other innovative features such as the win both ways and expanding wild. It also has a hit frequency of about 22.65%, a high RTP of 96.09% and it’s a low volatility slot.

Multipliers and Multiplier Symbols

Multipliers have been around for the longest time. In fact, they are perhaps as old as the slot games themselves. This means that they have, and continue offering massive wins to players who manage to land them on the reels. When you land a given multiplier, you’ll get your winnings multiplied by the indicated multiplier.

Types of Multipliers

These are the types of multipliers that you’ll come across while playing slots online.

  • Main Game Multipliers: Also known as base game multipliers, they are mostly found in the main game though they can as well make an appearance in the bonus game in some slot titles
  • Free Spins And Bonus Games Multipliers: As the name suggests, these multipliers are found in the bonus rounds and free spins of the games. Unlike the main game multipliers, this category of multipliers reward you huge wins
  • Wild Multipliers: If you are a slots aficionado, there’s a high chance you’ve come across this type of multiplier. As the name hints, wild multipliers could easily make the whole gaming experience wild, in terms of payouts. As we’ve learned, wild symbols tend to replace or substitute…but it gets better should this wild symbol have a multiplier! 
  • Bet or Win Multipliers: There are instances where your win may be lower than the amount you wagered. Win multipliers are there to save the day in such situations. Instead of multiplying the win(s), bet or win multiplier will increase your bet.

Bonus Games

Mostly features in 5 reel slots, bonus games vary from one game to another. This is thanks to the fact that there are different types of software providers, which power more than 8,000 different types of slots. 

The main function of bonus games in a slot is to break the routine of the base game and keep you more engaged while rewarding you at the same time. With more than 8,000 online slots, you’d expect at least 8,000 different types of bonus symbols or games. Yet, despite the huge variation, they are mainly classified under the following.

  • Free Spins Bonuses: They are the most common type(s) of slots bonuses. Nearly all video slots produced have a free spins game, which is triggered by the scatter symbol
  • Click-Me/Pick-Me Bonuses: This is a bonus event, which after activation, requires you to click or pick an item on the screen to get rewarded. The item picked will then reveal the hidden reward, which could be free spins, multipliers or cash prizes, which are awarded to your current free spins, multiplier or cash balance.

A good example of the pick-me/click-me bonus game is seen in NetEnt’s Wild Wild West: The Great Train Heist slot. The bonus game is activated by the Safe Bonus symbol and is usually referred to as the Safe Bonus game.

  • Arcade Style Bonus Game: This is a bonus round that was only recently introduced recently and it’s featured in a handful of slot games. This type of bonus round requires you to display some sort of special skill – such asshooting down an enemy spy or other symbols on the screen – to reveal the prize.

Arcade style casino bonuses are widely featured in the slot machines at the land based casinos and they were introduced to the online casino scene to make slots more appealing to theyounger millennial generation.

Win-Both-Ways Feature

There’s a growing list of new slots in the market that feature win-both-ways feature. This is an innovative feature that breaks away from the traditional left to right pay system. In the place of the old system, win both ways feature lets you create wins from left to right and right to left. The only requirements to win is that these symbols have to appear stacked side by side on adjacent reels.

A good example of a slot with this feature is NetEnt’s Starburst Slot.

243 Ways to Win Feature

Besides Win-both-Ways feature, there’s also the exciting 243 Ways to win feature. This is a new feature introduced to replace the traditional 5, 10 or 25 payline system. It’s a feature that’s also offered alongside other rewarding bonus rounds too, so every time you play games such as Medusa II slot or Twin Spin slot, you are almost guaranteed of massive wins.

If you are not well versed with the 243 Ways to win feature, take a moment and get the hang of it before playing the games.

Understanding the 243 Ways To Win Feature

243 isn’t just a random figure that software providers came within the 243 Ways to win video slots. There’s some mathematics behind this number. For example, if the game has 2 reels, it will imply that there are nine (9) possibilities of winning i.e., 3×3. Therefore, if a game has five reels, the possibilities of winning are 3×3×3×3 = 243.

How do you activate the 243 Ways to Win Feature?

It’s simple, to activate this feature, all you have to do is land at least three (3) similar symbols side by side on adjacent reels. Provided they are positioned on adjoining reels, then the slot will pay out according to the paytable.

Mega Ways Feature

We all know of the 25 payline slots. We’ve looked at the 243 ways of winning slots and both ways win slots. While these type of slots offer you a large number of winning combinations and are rich in symbols, diverse in their themes and styles of play, there are those that offer you far more winning opportunities.

Let us introduce you to the new feature in town – the Megaways™ feature.

Megaways™ is a new invention that was only introduced recently by Big Time Gaming. Like the outgoing feature, Megaways™ is meant to increase your winning opportunities. However, unlike the 243 ways to win, there’s no defined number of ways your next spin is going to be. Every reel can accommodate anywhere between 2(two) – 8(eight) symbols, resulting into plenty of winning combinations. Occasionally, these combinations can expand into several thousands of ways to win. 

How Exactly Does The Do Megaways Feature Work?

The simplest way of explaining the Megaways™ feature is by looking at the game’s reels. Megaways are essentially the adjustable reels where the symbol height on every reel changes with each spin. This way, the number of ways to form win combinations is always changing. Once expanded to 117,649 different ways of winning (which is always the maximum), the Megaways™ slots promise to award you with massive win combinations.

The current crop of Megaways™ video slots feature six reels with anything from at least two (2) up to a maximum of seven (7) or eight (8) symbols maximum per reel. Introduce other features such as multipliers, free spins, wilds and other bonus rounds in the equation and you’ll understand why Megaways™ slots are a huge hit among players.

If you’d like to try your hand at Megaways™ slots, you can pick from any one of the following.

  • Wild Bonanza Slot
  • Extra Chilli Slot
  • Dragon Born Slot
  • Vikings Unleashed Megaways™ Slot
  • Genie Jackpots Slot
  • Queen of Riches Slot
  • Diamond Mine Slot
  • Irish Riches Megaways™ Slot

Cascading Reels Feature

If you are a frequent slot player, you already know how slots work. You’ll be presented with a layout, featuring three (3) or five (5) reels. Each time you click or tap on the spin button, the game’s reels will start spinning. Once they stop, you’ll either have formed a win combination or there isn’t one. In case you have a win, they are automatically updated in your balance and you start spinning again.

In cascading reels, things work in a slightly different manner.

Activated once you’ve landed a win, the cascading reels feature ensures that you continue forming more win combinations even after the last one. How does this happen?

  • All the symbols responsible for forming the win combinations disappear from the reels
  • The void that’s left on the reels is filled with the symbols above. They’ll move down to occupy the remaining space
  • If another win is formed, the symbols responsible for forming the wins disappear, creating a void that has to be filled with the symbols above
  • The cycle continue for as long as there are wins formed until there are no more winning combinations on the reels

Because of the nature of how the symbols disappear and more fall from above to fill the void, the cascading reels feature is sometimes referred to as the Avalanche feature. NetEnt were the first to introduce this concept by developing their flagship Gonzo’s Quest slot.

Different Types of Online Slots

One of the biggest advantage of playing slots online is that you can easily pick from a wide variety of titles. This ensures that you are able to find a game that fits your style and pace of play. While there are more than 8,000 titles online, they are broadly categorized under the following.

Classic themed slots

Also referred to as fruit slots, fruities or three slots – given that they consist of three reels – classic slots depict the traditional slots played in the 1980s. Such games have retained the traditional symbols such as bars, bells, fruit and 7 symbols widely associated with the fruites. As with the traditional slot games, your main objective is to land three similar symbols on an active payline to get paid.

Video slots

This is a term used to describe the modern online slot game. Video slot games were the first of the newer generation of slot games played online. They follow the classic slots and incorporated basic graphics and in-game features

3D Slots

This category of slots derive their name from their feature(s). They are the first batch of slots that introduced 3D graphics to slots gaming. Since they were first introduced, these games have been very popular among players and have a very modern feel. Spinning their reels is usually very satisfying as they also incorporate sleek animations. At the time of writing this slots guide, BetSoft is renowned industry-wide for developing the best 3D slots.

Mobile Slots

New technologies gave birth to mobile slot games. Highly adaptable, mobile slots are usually developed to be played on tablets, iPads and smartphones. This makes them very accessible to players. NetEnt is notorious for developing mobile-friendly slots, all thanks to their Touch technology.

Jackpot Slots

Stand-alone jackpot slots, network progressive jackpot slots, and wide-area progressive jackpot slots. These are all jackpot games that promise to award you with massive wins. Regardless of their name(s), these games share one feature, which is the huge sums of cash that they come bearing. There are several brands that offer jackpot games that you should. They include the more established NetEnt, Microgaming, Playtech, and IGT.

Branded Slots

They are slots that have only been introduced to the market recently. They are usually marketed in collaboration with other brands, giving the brand an opportunity to market itself and the player a likely familiar experience.

There are several branded slots in the market but like the jackpot games, only well-established companies have managed to secure the big partnerships. Games such as Game of Thrones, Superman, Jumanji, Guns ‘n Roses are all designed and developed by Playtech, Microgaming and NetEnt.

Bitcoin Slots

Bitcoin slots have incorporated the best features which blockchain technology has introduced to online casino gaming. Features such as lightning-fast withdrawals, provably fair gaming and automatic payouts are now very common with Bitcoin slots. Because of the technology involved in designing these games, not all online casinos offer them and you can only play these games at Bitcoin-friendly casinos such as Dafabet. Also not all software providers develop these games with Endorphina, BetSoft, and BGaming being at the forefront of developing these games.

Skill-Based Slots

These are, as the name suggests, slots with rewards based around your skill and subsequent success in any scenario you are playing. These games are yet to find their way online, but have already found a huge player base at the land-based casinos.

Popular Slot Themes Online

So, you already know the bulk about online slots. At this point, you can comfortably sign up at any one of the Indian friendly online casino and pick from the wide range of games. These games can be separated by feature or theme. Since we’ve already looked at the features and types of games, it’s about time we had a quick look at some of the popular slot themes online.

Egyptian Themed Slot Machines

Slots that feature the Egyptian theme have, for a long time, been player’s favourites. Featuring a historic theme, crisp graphics, sleek animations and cool in-game features, it’s not difficult to see why they are fan favourites.

Egyptian themed slots have dominated both the land-based and online casino industry for the past decade with games such as Book of Ra and Cleopatra slots widely being featured at both settings. As you play these games, expect to some across immersive themes and classic Egyptian symbols such as scarab beetles, pharaohs and gold-coated jewels featured on the reels.

In addition to Book of Dead and Cleopatra slots, you can also play the following Egyptian themed slots online.

  • Rich Wilde and the Book of Dead
  • A Night With Cleo
  • Eye of Ra

Irish Themed Slot Machines

Another old and popular slot theme is that which is based on the Irish theme. Titles such as Rainbow Riches, which is one of the most renowned slot game series, is part of the Irish theme. In this series alone, you’ll find a complete portfolio of ten (10) titles that can be played at the online casinos.

In addition to the Rainbow Riches slots, there are also some exceptional Irish themed slots that feature jackpots and Megaways features. This includes titles such as:

  • Luck o’ the Irish
  • Finn and the Swirly Spin
  • Luck O’ The Jackpot
  • Irish Riches Megaways

Movie Themed Slots

For more than a century now, films and movies have been a big part of popular culture. It, therefore, doesn’t come as a surprise that this has translated to online slot games that players like.

To ensure that players have something to pick from the classics and modern films, software providers have partnered with some of the leading film producers to bring players an amazing selection of slots over the last few years. Just to mention a few, Ted Slot from Blueprint Gaming, Narcos from NetEnt, Superman From Playtech among many others.

Microgaming, NetEnt and Playtech are some of the industry leaders who’ve managed to create multiple movie-themed slot games. Games that are famed for their several in-game bonus rounds and modifiers.

Arcade Styled Slots

Some of the arcade-themed slots online have become an industry sensation and we believe it’s because of the wistfulness of retro-themed classic slots. These games are normally simplified, featuring fewer bonus games and have symbols that were heavily featured in the classic fruit machines. These include bars, 7s, bells and fruits such as oranges, cherries, lemon among others. If you’ve played at the land-based casinos before and would like to experience the same online, why don’t you try some of the following titles?

  • Crazy 7 Slot
  • Reel Rush Slot
  • Retro Reels Slot

Slots Software Providers

The quality of games, technology and an aim towards satisfying the player’s gaming needs are the backbones of the online casino industry. In order to offer this to players, online casinos rely greatly on software providers to come up with titles that will meet the player’s needs.

There are several software providers in the industry, responsible for developing the top quality games that are readily available at the online casinos. Some of these providers started off by developing land-based slot machines before making a switch to the online casino sphere. Some, on the other hand, were responsible for introducing the first slot games online – changing how these beautiful spinners would be played in years to come.

As you play at the Indian online casinos, you should expect to come across any one of the following top-rated software providers.


Formerly known as Net Entertainment, this is a Swedish based software company that has been developing online slots since 1996. From the very beginning of the company, NetEnt has established a reputation for themselves, getting known industry-wide for pushing limits in developing the most technologically advanced titles. This was seen evidently when they became the first company to solely focus on designing mobile-friendly slots using their Touch feature. In addition to developing mobile-friendly games, NetEnt slots also feature high RTPs when compared to other software providers.


Playtech was founded a few years after NetEnt was founded – in 1999 – and 15 years later, they became the first iGaming company to be enlisted in the London Stock Exchange. Playtech’s headquarters are in the Isle of Man, and they solely focus on offering top of the line casino software and products.

Since their inception, Playtech has managed to partner with a number of top-rated international online casinos. This has created a very reliable and trustworthy reputation for them.


At the start of it all, there was Playtech, NetEnt and….as you’d guess…Microgaming. If you are familiar with online casino gaming, then you’ll agree with us that this is one of the most reputable, well-established and reliable software providers online.

Operating since 1994, Microgaming are credited as the company that developed the first-ever online slot game. Regardless, seeing Microgaming’s name on an online casino or a game immediately makes you feel you are in the right place. This is because you can expect a wide array of games – more than 600 – which feature different genres and bet limits.

Other reputable software providers include:

  • Yggdrasil Gaming
  • Quickspin
  • Red Tiger
  • BetSoft Gaming
  • Play ‘n Go
  • Thunderkick

How do You Play Slots Online?

Slots are traditionally coin-operated, though this is quickly fading away as the more modern slots are developed. The classic one-armed bandits – as they were referred to – are quickly becoming a dying breed.

To elaborate this plainly, in the coin slot, you’ll have to insert a card that’s usually offered by the casino. If you are playing at the online casino, you’ll have to purchase credits using several payment options offered by the casino. Once you have your account topped up, you can then proceed as follows to play your slot game.

  • Select your preferred game. There are hundreds of games to pick, but you can look at the already listed points to help you pick one
  • Once you’ve fired up your game, choose the number of coins and lines you’d like to play. You can do this by clicking on the ‘line’ and ‘coin’ button
  • Once you are satisfied with your selection, click on the spin button to get the reels spinning. Winnings are usually deposited back into your account.

Playing Slots Online vs. at the Land-Based Casino – What Are The Advantages?

Slot machines seen at the land-based casinos have been around for more than a century now and are still loved and played to this day. The feeling of power one gets every time they pull the lever or press the button, the rolling of the game’s reels, and the excitement one feels as they await the chiming of the coins in the hoops are hard to exactly imitate and emulate.

However, there’s no denying the fact that these newer, online varieties are far more entertaining and enjoyable. With crisp graphics, sleek animations and special sound effects, online video slots have outgrown their physical counterparts. Among the several advantages that the online slots have, here are some of the main ones.


Visiting an online casino platform is entering a candy factory. Hundreds if not thousands of video slots are at your immediate disposal – all you have to do is pick one that fits your style of play and budget.


Are you lounging on your living room couch? On a train to work? In line, waiting to complete a transaction? Video slot games are readily available to you wherever. And with the onslaught of the free to play mobile slots, even the sky is not the limit to enjoying your favourite game.


Unwinding as you play at the slot machines is a great way to cool off after a long day of work. However, not every player wishes to bump into their children’s teacher or grocer as they play slots. With online slots, you don’t have to meet those people you wouldn’t want to. Playing at the privacy of your house ensures that you get the intimate atmosphere you’d like in order to unwind.

No Download Required

After looking at all these advantages, you should know that online slots are usually divided into two main categories:

  • Download
  • No Download

The download slots are mostly for the old systems. Most of the modern video slots are in the no download format. This means that you can play these games, without having to download any software. Simply launch your browser, visit your online casino, log in and start playing slots.

How to Have As Much Fun on Slots as Possible

As you play slots, your main objective – above everything else – is to have as much FUN as possible! Unless you are a geek looking to entangle yourself with calculating the odds for the outcome of every spin, it’s highly recommended that you only focus on the game’s reels and the several in-game bonus rounds. In order to have fun playing the slots, here are some rules of thumb that we believe should make for a rewarding gaming session.

Play as many different types of slots as possible:

With the free to play mode, you shouldn’t limit yourself to playing only one game. As already seen, there are several classes of games, which come with different themes, bet limits and styles of play. Take your time, do your research for different categories and play the games to discover your next favourite slot

Manage your bankroll properly:

The secret to winning while playing slots is to ensure that your bankroll lasts for as long as possible. Have a strategy that will ensure your bankroll lasts for as long as it can. One such strategy involves dropping the number of coins spent per line and increasing the number of paylines

Use the BetMax and Autoplay features:

If you are on a roll and money isn’t a big problem, then you can try the BetMax and Autoplay features. They’ll let you have as much fun playing slots, while indulging in other activities on the side

You Can Play Slots For Free, But…

It’s always advisable that you put your money where your ‘slot’ is!

Real money online slots – this is a phrase that you’ve probably heard before, and it’s pretty much self-explanatory! Online slots, which are played using real cash, usually generate winnings that are awarded in the form of real cash! 

What distinguishes these games from the fake money slots? Well, fake money is a little bit harsh to use, as they are referred to as free to play slots. Pointless to say, the winnings in the free to play slots are purely based on feelings, which in most cases are happy feelings! No hard cash switching hands in these games.

Therefore, playing an online slot game for free is super fun. But the best feeling is playing an entertaining game with a little cash on the table. There’s no doubt about this – knowing that you stand to win or lose real cash is a thrill in its own sense. It adds extra excitement to the game!

Here Comes The Sum

After all is said and done, go ahead, pick your casino and start enjoying the thrill of playing slot games. Start enjoying the emotional rollercoaster, which is accompanied by the eagerness of knowing whether you’ve won and how much. The alluring flashy lights and enticing sounds help increase the slots fun, as you make your way through the pleasant rabbit hole, which promises to leave you as satisfyingly tired as a good comedy!

With there being so many choices of slot games to choose from those enjoying this online casino gameplay in India will never find that they are bored. What it all comes down to is a personal preference in which game to choose. The decision is going to be based on the theme that appeals to the player. The amount of potential win and the bet range. Then, of course, all of the features have to be taken into account. Finally, it will also include which software provider produces the best slot games that will appeal to the player.